"A case of recurrent coryza with epistaxis"

// Author: ADMIN

Hello everybody, sharing a case of recurrent coryza with epistaxis or nasal bleeding. A lady Mrs. X aged 50 reported on Jan 2016.

Presenting complain – Bloody nasal discharge with chronic dry cough.

On examination, observed that the nasal mucosa was highly inflamed with erosion. No other noticeable systemic organic derangement found.

During discussion many important subjective symptoms found.

Patient was a sufferer of frequent attacks of coryza with bloody nasal discharge and of chronic dry tickling cough. Treatments were given earlier, but condition was repeating. This year condition was somewhat violent. Hence, medicine was given after proper analysis of past and present medical histories. Medicine was working, but satisfactory results were not coming out at first. Nasal bleeding caused by the corrosive coryza was not controlled fully. But after 10-20 days the coryza cured and the nasal bleeding as well whereas chronic dry cough was still causing problem. After following proper treatment, chronic cough also got cured within one and half month.

Patient was advised to report for any related diseases for better monitor.

Note: The photo is given only as an example to the case.