Dr Hahnemann - a revolutionist to medical science and science as general...

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Hello everybody.

Dr Hahnemann was the greatest among all scientists especially in terms of medical science, physics and chemistry. Other great scientists were being awarded for their best work, but he tried his best to make, the medical authority at his era, understand, but all efforts were in vain. He completed his task with fine finishing & ended his life peacefully. He advised to add a sentence on his graveyard i.e. -



He established the science of converting mass into energy, especially the inert energies of different substances to a state of high therapeutic value, which is until now solely confined to Homoeopathic medicines.

Interesting fact is that if, the all substances in this world which are currently using by Doctors of different system to treat patients are converted to energy format by the method of potentization then there will be another set of medicines with high therapeutic value. If this is done, then we will have more medicines in proportion to diseases. The discarded medicines can also be good medicines if those will be potentized.

One important point –

One of Indian ancient sage had told about this science. His name is SAGE KAPILA author of SAMKHYA SHASTRA. He told –

‘'Every matter in this universe has inert energies. A matter can't be destructed to non existence; ultimately the remaining is its inherent energy”.

In our sacred book Gita Krishna says about Sage Kapila that “He is the foremost among the perfected being.”

Dr Hahnemann made these words come true approx 200 years back. He converted the bookish science into applied science which was a miraculous addition in the history of medical science.
Dr Hahnemann was the first person in medical science who gave the scientific analysis of health and disease. He first told that the causes of human suffering are not solely due to microorganisms, but there is an inherent individual susceptibility.

What is the wrong here ?? Microorganisms are everywhere around us and always waiting for a suitable host for bread and butter, which is the rule of nature. If we are not well maintained our individual susceptibility gives the chance to the pathogens to grow and ultimately if not treated it may lead to advanced pathology and life long suffering or death. Until now many pathogens are discovered against many diseases and journey will be same. Here, Dr Hahnemann added a new chapter that not to kill only the pathogens instead, he advised to administer proper potentized Homoeopathic remedy to get rid of the disease as well as the susceptibility without any harmful effect. But the medical authority discarded him and they used to prepare medicines against the pathogens and thereby treating patients and the world is going on, but inherent susceptibility during the course of life of a patient remains the same with many harmful effects. From the theory mentioned above it is clear that a substance can't be destructed to a state of non existence, then after killing the pathogens the inherent bad toxic energy they carried will remain in our body and use to cause other chronic diseases. This observation was also put forwarded by Dr Hahnemann. What is the wrong ??

Everybody knows that pathogen targeted medicines are being changed from time to time due to drug resistant pathogens, but do you know that Homoeopathy is the only science where drug resistant chapter is closed because these medicines don't kill the pathogen rather these medicines makes the host uncomfortable for the pathogens. Perhaps due to absence of this chapter in general medical science, the development of medical science in surgery department is reaching at top level to treat the advanced pathology. That is why Dr Hahnemann told that surgery is to remove the results of disease.

Now a day, scientists around the world are acknowledging this.

Practical point is that everybody is doing their best in the treatment of suffering humanity, but just thinking if the theories of Dr Hahnemann had been added to general medical science earlier, then perhaps the treatment scenario would have been more beneficial.

A brief discussion for general interest -

Dr Hahnemann had a nature, perhaps, to convert complicated thing into simple, but that doesn't mean that everybody will make fun out of it by seeing the simple method of dispensing and simple looking colorless liquid medicines. He was very clever and intelligent. Here, I want to remind you all for knowledge refreshment that all the simple looking medicines were being made out of toxic substances scattered around nature, but in energy format and each MEDICINE IS HAVING THE CAPACITY TO BRING IMMUNO-GENIC CHANGES WHICH WAS EVEN TOLD BY EMIL VON BEHRING (1854-1917) – NOBEL LAUREATE – PHYSIOLOGIST long time back, while he was doing research about Dr Hahnemann's discovery though he couldn't complete his work. Medicines are to be mastered by medical professionals not by layman though sometimes accidental positive benefit, a layman may get.

I want to say with disappointment that I have seen noticing irrational use of Homoeopathic medicine by many people, which is a very bad sign due to which they are not getting the proper treatment.


Here is a feeling that unless and until W.H.O will have strict intervention, this type of thing, perhaps, will be continued, which is a negative sign to the medical profession and public health.


Dr Hahnemann had anticipation by more than fifty years of Dr Robert Koch's discovery of COMMA BACILLI OF CHOLERA in 1884. Dr Hahnemann (1755-1843) was the first to tell the scientific analysis of cholera in 1830 when the then medical authorities were busy with various unscientific theories like due to atmospheric causes. He told that idea of minute, invisible, living creature which was responsible for cholera which used to multiply in confined spaces, filled with mouldy, watery vapours. The truth is that before the discovery of cholera bacteria, he and many other around the world saved many people with the new science of Homoeopathy with much better statistics than the then medical authorities at his era, which were recorded in many books. The names bacilli, bacteria, microbes etc, had not been invented in Dr Hahnemann's time. He had no microscope at that time with which Dr Koch was able to verify the truth of Dr Hahnemann's idea, but only thing he was having the keen analytic brain and high intuition. Perhaps his PINEAL GLAND was much more active than us.

At the end I can say that time will bring this great man of behind the screen to the front.