"HOMOEOPATHIC PREVENTIVE MEDICINE IN SWINE FLU - actual need & chance of adulterated prescription"

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Hello everybody...

Here is a general declaration for all people regarding SWINE FLU that DON'T GET PANIC BUT BE ALERT. The sign & symptoms of swine are almost same as that of seasonal flu or influenza but your duty is to report the DOCTOR at the earliest to exclude swine flu as because it is the favorable infectious season for SWINE FLU, which will rescue you from ACUTE RESPIRATORY FAILURE due to swine flu.

Moreover, our advice is not to take any HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE haphazardly as a preventive without the consent of HOMOEOPATHIC CONSULTANT, which may confuse your condition instead of benefit. SO IF YOU NEED THEN BE WITH YOUR BEST HOMOEOPATHIC CONSULTANT AT YOUR LOCALITY to get proper advice, preventive medicine as well as proper treatment, unless there is no SEVERE BREATHING PROBLEM seeking hospitalisation.