Some known unknown facts about medical science...

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Let's explore about few scientists related to medical science for knowledge refreshment. Their experimental efforts regarding health and disease were somewhat like Dr Hahnemann (Discoverer of Homoeopathy). But their efforts unfortunately were submerged in the wave of time due to various reasons.

DR ROBERT KOCH (1843-1910, NOBEL LAUREATE) and LOUIS PASTEUR (1822-1895, NOBEL LAUREATE) had dramatically changed the scenario of medical science by establishing the germ theory, though germ theory had an old history also i.e. – Specific microorganism is solely responsible for certain diseases. In that way they upgraded the medical theories. Since then various microorganisms are being discovered as well as the related drugs. During that time they were so happy and full of enthusiasm regarding the huge success in treatment and their success had overpowered all other theories given by other scientists.

Everyone was great in their work, but perhaps some points of perfection were lacking.


1) Emil Von Behring (1854-1917) – NOBEL LAUREATE – PHYSIOLOGIST.

2) Elie Metchnikoff (1845-1916) – NOBEL LAUREATE – ZOOLOGIST and PHYSIOLOGIST.

3) Max Joseph Von Pettenkofer (1818-1901) – Chemist & Experimental Hygienist – Institute by his name and Street by his name in Germany.

4) Dr Samuel Christian Frederic Hahnemann (1755-1843) – DOCTOR and SCIENTIST – One, self written sentence as award on his cemetery i.e. – “NON INUTILIS VIXI (I HAVE NOT LIVED IN VAIN)”.

‪#‎Though Dr Hahnemann was the first Doctor to tell that some living organism is responsible for cholera, but he never postulated that the microorganisms are sole causes instead he told that microorganisms are the guests for secondary damages in a host, which is previously susceptible to certain diseases. Without a suitable host, a microorganism can't do their activity.

‪#‎Von Pettenkofer, on the other hand, was doing somewhat like that. He was also a thorough experimenter. When he got the news that Dr Robert Koch had discovered Cholera bacillus, then he ordered the new discovery from KOCH and can you imagine what he had done ? He swallowed the microorganism of cholera, but didn't get any cholera like condition. He felt a little health upset. Being a great chemist and pioneer in experimental hygienist, at his era, Pettenkofer was very sincere to his work and he also didn't believe that a microorganism can affect everybody.


He proposed that there were three factors responsible for cholera X, Y and Z.

X factor – Specific pathogen
Y factor – Local and atmospheric conditions that allowed the pathogen to transform into a contagious state.
Z factor – It was the individual susceptibility to disease.

‪#‎Moreover, one more scientist named Elie Metchnikoff also repeated the same process, but didn't get cholera. He was often regarded as the “FATHER OF NATURAL IMMUNITY”. He worked in Louis Pasteur's Lab.

‪#‎At the end, some discussion about Emil Von Behring. He was the only NOBEL LAUREATE scientist in the next generation of Dr Hahnemann, who showed his gratitude openly to Dr Hahnemann and Homoeopathy for his pioneering and most scientific approach for disease and health. Von Behring was involved in research of Homoeopathy and he was finding the immunogenic effect of Homoeopathic medicines, but he had to stop all his experimentation due to various reasons.

Now I want to mention a comment given by DR STUART CLOSE (1860-1929), a renowned Doctor (Homoeopathy), in his famous book “GENIUS OF HOMEOPATHY” –

“Whether Dr Koch had read the writings of Dr Hahnemann on the subject of Cholera are open to question. They were published in book form and were to be found on the shelves of any great library, accessible to all students. If KOCH and PASTEUR had read and were familiar with the teaching of Hahnemann they were not, so, frank as VON BEHRING, who publicly acknowledged his indebtedness to Hahnemann for the idea of his diphtheritic antitoxin and declared the word that Homoeopathy would adequately explain its modus operandi”.

The above mentioned discussions are now a day, not any new thing for the known people or scientists but still may be very new to the unknown. This writing is only to make a link between theories of the then medical science which lead us to present day. Everybody did their best to save humanity and still is doing. But within this small medical career, I observed and still observing, in many conditions, many things are perhaps not going in right direction. Hopefully unity and time will balance this.