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A meaningful quote for knowledge refreshment -

"It is very easy to kill the pathogen inside test tube or outside the host cell, but quite difficult to kill them or neutralize them without killing a patient". Here, the word 'killing a patient' stands for a broad sense of meaning, please don't distort the meaning.

Hilariously we have to admit that, microorganisms are sometimes, seem to be advance than us. They become more powerful and intelligent inside our body whenever they succeed in breaking our defense programme (In Borne Natural Human Immunology).

Let's have the example of HIV virus, one of the most technically sound virus. It is very fragile outside the body, but whenever it gets the chance to invade our body, the virus makes our defense part hollow inside due to which a patient may die in any common disorder. The mutating property of the virus inside the host cell is irritating the scientists around the world, even this factor is a big hindrance in the preparation AIDS VACCINE.

The interesting fact is that, it is the same human body, but around the world some best HOMOEOPATHIC DOCTORS are treating AIDS without targeting the virus and getting good results and in same time OTHER SPECIALIST DOCTORS are treating the same by targeting virus, reducing viral load and trying to give protective measures against the opportunistic diseases. In some places Homoeopathic Doctors are treating difficult patients with other specialist Doctors.

Our defense programme need help when there is disease otherwise there is no abnormal sensations or functions. Dr Hahnemann (discoverer of Homoeopathy) postulated that we should better try to correct the disease state or to kill microorganism via our defence programme by stimulating it with proper remedy by following the signals of demand of help in terms of subjective (Symptoms narrated by the patient) and objective (Symptoms observed by the Physician and narrated by attendant) symptoms.

WHAT IS THE WRONG HERE? Perhaps the big wrong thing is the failure to stand on against the theory postulated. He told two sentences for Doctors which are very interesting -

a) “A physician must investigate what is to be cured in a disease” i.e. – Knowledge of Disease (IT IS GENERALIZED MEDICAL SCIENCE) and its individual manifestation (ONLY RELATED TO HOMOEOPATHY).

b) “A physician must investigate what is curable in medicine”. i.e. – Knowledge of Medicine (IT IS GENERALIZED MEDICAL SCIENCE) and its individual need (ONLY RELATED TO HOMOEOPATHY).

Many microorganisms are preparing themselves to attack us, in the form of different disease name such as JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS, MALARIA, SWINE FLU, BIRD FLU, SARS etc etc. One new is waiting called MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and perhaps many more are waiting.

Now, notable points are –

‪#‎How many vaccines we will prepare for induced immunity? Induced immunity only orders the natural immunity to act in the way whatever we programmed.

#How far we will study about the microorganisms?

#How much we will prepare new toxic drugs for new or resistant variety microorganisms?

Isn't it an indication of the need of generalized study of the theories of Health & Disease postulated by Dr Hahnemann for the sake of suffering people? But we have to wait for the sovereign voice of WHO (World Health Organization). WHO recognized HOMOEOPATHY as a system of medicine long time back. But the best of the theories are still not generalized to save the people. The scientist, Dr Hahnemann didn't have created the whole medical science whereas he studied medical science well at his era and after that, he corrected and revised theories in terms of Health and Disease where there was the need.

This discussion is for an analysis, otherwise everybody is doing their best, whatever WHO recommended generally.