"A case of acute recurrent Bell’s Palsy"

// Author: ADMIN

Hello everybody, sharing a case of acute recurrent Bell's Palsy (Facial Paralysis), which was in severe form than the previous attack. An old record.

A lady Mrs. X aged 50, reported left-sided Bell's Palsy on May 5th 2009. Face was showing complete left-sided paralysis with cardinal signs such as – Drawing facial muscle to one side, distorted lip margins, uncontrolled watery eye, speech difficulty, eating difficulty, etc.

She was examined by a Medicine Specialist to exclude other systemic causes. But nothing serious organic causes found. B.P – 170/120. The examining Doctor prescribed the best possible medicines accordingly for Bell's Palsy.

Past history – Bell's Palsy (Left-sided). Treated by the same Medicine Specialist.

But this time case was taken by me. After observing the condition, I decided to treat with Homoeopathic Medicine. Case was analyzed with complete present and past histories and treatment started accordingly. But before analyzing I had to take immediate measure (Homoeopathy) to subside the acute Hypertension, i.e. – repeated doses of some target oriented medicines for temporary management. Patient was a school teacher and had taken 15 days leave for recovery.

After starting the treatment, the first positive sign of medicinal action was observed when the watery eye was controlled within 24 hours. From the next day onward other symptoms were improving gradually.

At the end of 12th day I analyzed the patient and found that all those presenting symptoms of Bell's Palsy were no more and told the patient that she was restored to health perfectly and was advised to report for any discomfort.

Note: The photo is given only as an example to the case.