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Some thoughts and analysis were crowded in my mind and I just penned down hoping for best. This is not criticism, a discussion which may or may not be useful to the reader. Please do have your positive interpretation.

There was no name called Allopathy earlier, Dr. Hahnemann coined the term Allopathy to distinguish all other treatment procedures which were not Homoeopathic, don't know whether it is known to everybody. Homoeopathy was nothing but the brain child of the sincere doctor cum scientist.

Dr. Hahnemann didn't want any non medical person to practice his new medicine, instead, he advised other interested doctors to practice Homoeopathic medicine after proper training at their own wish, but in India, about other countries I don't know, the picture is quite different. Kolkata was recognized as the hub of Homoeopathic practice and education and Kolkata alone did the massive damage to Homoeopathy, sitting with open table chair method using the prestigious doctor title which was supposed to be not allowed and in this way deteriorated the dignity of doctor title and way of medical practice as well. This may be an unpleasant truth. I belong to Assam and as a nearest state to Kolkata, I observed that my state also doing the same. Homoeopathy was being designed as a special branch of medicine to be practiced by doctors. One doesn't have the right to deteriorate the image of a great Doctor in the name of Homoeopathy, a new form of pharmacology. We should think that do we need to defend Dr. Hahnemann in an underdeveloped way whereas he defended himself well during his lifetime without compromising the basic medical standardization.

Certain groups of doctors use to show their confidence in selling of packages of treatment, if it is the question of testing eligibility in buying or selling, then why the need to wear the mask of doctor rather should try their eligibility in proper merchant place because it seems to be quite awkward to take the false credit of excellence in buying or selling with the doctor title. A good merchant even perhaps don't like to apply his or her skill unnecessarily in front of doctor during treatment because they want to be treated for their ailment and always ready to pay the price for the skill of a genuine doctor to treat diseases and of course not for falsely applied merchant skill of doctor. This is unfortunately another form of medical practice in the name of Homoeopathy has been going on with the excuse of up gradation or modernization and perhaps will be erased from the map of medical practice by the wave of time. I would like to remind that even Dr. Hahnemann had the expertise of selling his skill, i.e., his genuine rich medical skill for which he used to charge maximum or minimum at his own wish. If it is the question of earning money, then doctor can earn by selling his genuine skill, i.e., good treatment.

Moreover, one thing I want to say that during my study life and also in my practice life I observed many of my colleagues were attracted to Allopathic prescriptions rather than Homoeopathic medicines, well, it is their choice or I can say their bad luck. They, and also other general people use the term modern medicine regards to Allopathic drugs. Even the senior doctors of Homoeopathy (may be ignorantly or as by default process) also use to deliver lectures by using the same term, which is something awkward to me because people should know that if something, which is modern in the Department of medicine then it is the potentized Homoeopathic medicines and others we can term as regular medicine. In this regard, I think Dr. Jayesh R. Bellare (Prof. IIT Mumbai, Chemical Engineering), in this era, can be a best person to give the technical knowledge about Homoeopathic potencies.

Sometimes it seems to be very astonishing for me that how and why the idea came to the minds of people around the world (about world don't know properly, but in India), after Dr. Hahnemann's departure, to upgrade Homoeopathy by opening colleges here and there without proper facilities and also false institutions to spread Homoeopathy, e.g., distance course, etc., was that obedience for Dr. Hahnemann and Homoeopathy or some selfish desire to establish oneself, to create jobs by hook or by crook. In spite of all these why even after two hundred years the situation is like that, where one has to unnecessarily defend Dr. Hahnemann and Homoeopathy, whereas, mainstream medical science have been growing with proper methods from an underdeveloped status to the new technical status with various medicines. The unpleasant truth is that still the Hospitals of mainstream medicine are filled with patients without any department of Homoeopathy, but hospitals with Homoeopathy branch are very negligible. Dr. Hahnemann did his best job and medical science with the demand of time would have reached to his discovery with proper format. The doctors from mainstream medical science who wished to practice Homoeopathy earlier had done their best job and best contributions without any contradiction in way of practice and in present days also, doctors from mainstream medical science are doing their best in Homoeopathy without compromising the way of practice. Whereas, one will find deteriorated ways of practice in between doctors (including the false one also) related to Homoeopathy, isn't it noteworthy and disappointing?

I believe it is sure and certain that Homoeopathic pharmacology will be the mainstream medical pharmacology in coming time and another truth I am guessing which may or may not be unpleasant that the best doctors of mainstream medical science will lead the practice and that will upgrade the medicine department whereas surgery and other technical departments are already reaching peak day by day and perhaps then doctors won't have to teach Homoeopathy to suffering people rather they will do their treatment to restore the sick to health. Hospitals are filled with patients due to various suffering, but Homoeopathic treatment is totally away from them, I am quite sure that Dr. Hahnemann didn't discover Homoeopathy for this reason instead he did all efforts to help the suffering people, but now a day, Homoeopathy is confined to only private clinics, except, very few doctors (Homoeopathy) who are engaged with indoor patients. Even in my personal life I didn't get any help from Homoeopathy in case of hospitalized patients where there was great need.

Why the condition is? An analysis and an appeal to industrialists involved in Health care division-

There is no planned industrial scope in Homoeopathy. General Medicine industry is a very large chain due to which businesses are running on from small scale to large scale with engagement of huge number of employees and though Homoeopathy is good, but it is lacking the process without which perhaps it can't reach to the mainstream medicine or maximum suffering people. In some reports I found that Mr. Bill Gates invested a lot in medicine industry and people used to say he is a relentless capitalist which seems to be a bad sign for suffering people. Well, I want to say here that, if he is a relentless capitalist then, I believe, he can alone rearrange a same chain of medicine industry with a planned industry of Homoeopathic medicines for betterment of suffering people and in this way we can get a secured Homoeopathic medicine with proper availability. He is a genius in his field and by grace of god he is having enough money and intelligence which he can use to upgrade a good thing to the maximum availability, in his lifetime.

Homoeopathic Medicines are to be available as other drugs. Due to the lacking of proper retail selling method of potentized medicines there are problems in giving prescription, suppose, if one doctor prescribe a medicine of single dose of any potentized medicine then one find there is no labeled medicine (single dose) is available in retail. Doctors (Homoeopathy) are procuring medicine into their custody (it has been like a by default process) and wherever pharmacy is available they meant for bulk medicine supply, due to which there is no chance of growth of business, e.g., Pharmacy. If proper labeled medicines of various potencies will be available, then a doctor can advise the patient, as their own way, to take medicines without any difficulty.


Hahnemann’s medical dissertation, which has so far remained unknown, was on obstetrics and forensic medicine and asked “whether it is strictly necessary to cut the umbilical cord.” (An funiculi umbili talis deligatio in recens natis absolute sit necessaria et quale sit eius intermissione in foro ferendum iudicium). (Copied from book).

Now a day, searching a bit about the cutting of umbilical cord after birth I found, researchers are redefining their thoughts. I am just giving one link regard to this topic for quick reference. Please refer –

The greatest stir he caused with a publication that introduced the public to his “wine test”, a method which made it possible to establish whether wine had been sweetened with the dangerous “sugar of lead”. Adding hydrogen sulphide to wine makes no difference to the iron contained in it, but it will cause lead or copper particles to separate as a dark precipitate. Unlike the “Wurttemberg wine test” Hahnemann’s procedure showed very quickly and reliably whether or not the toxic substance was present in wine. The Prussian authorities were convinced by Hahnemann’s method and made his wine test compulsory for wine merchants in the royal city of Berlin. Meissen winegrowers continue to present the method to an amazed audience at their annual wine fair in recognition of the town’s famous son and his achievements for the wine trade. (Copied from book).

About above mentioned wine test, it is known to many but perhaps unknown to mass.

Dr. Hahnemann can be referred as “BRAHMAGYANI” (the meaning is said as, knowledge of creator of universe or knowledge of self within me or we can say infinite knowledge). Brahmagyan can be bookish type (i.e., I am the ultimate or end) and other can be a true brahmagyani which can be obtained only by mingling self with the universe. A brief story of our epic RAMAYANA taught me a lesson, i.e., during conversation between Lord Rama and Ravana, when there raised a question about brahmagyan, then Ravana (who was supposed to have brahmagyan) arrogantly told Rama that “Will you teach me brahmagyan being a common human being?” Then Lord Rama politely told him that it was my fault to know you as brahmagyani, but you seem to be Vedacharya (i.e. quite bookish). Please don't misguide yourself that I am teaching you any religion or about god, but it is only an effort to interpret the essence practically.

In this living world Nobel is the highest dignity offered for a knowledgeable person in their respective field which we all respect and admire, but the bad side of this is that, it may build the bookish type arrogant brahmagyan which masks the capacity to analyze or listen further and may lead to destructive path and compel others to believe that it is absolutely true. Nobel silently carries a disease, i.e., arrogance and ignorance which may or may not infect its recipient.

Examples regarding this (irrespective of any country) -

Dr. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan – Nobel Laureate (Chemistry). In this article, published in a respected media portrayal of India, if Dr. Venkatraman said everything with complete responsibility (About Homoeopathy, others I don't want to comment) then I must say, unfortunately he is a victim of silent disease of Nobel. As because he is a Nobel laureate, media published his words without thinking that this type of action may create unnecessary confusion or misguide the mass. If it had been done on 17-18th century then acceptable, but in this era where doctors of Homoeopathy were already given prestigious awards and there are reputed institutions worldwide, it is quite hilarious and he could have at least done some home work before that. I am not concerned about the name of Dr. Venkatraman, it may be any X, Y, Z, rather having a query in mind, whether Nobel authority has any strict resolution against misuse of its dignity. Though it was an old article published in Hindustan Times and forgotten, but I am just raising the topic to complete my example. Whether it was done with complete sense or by mistake, but he or the media didn't apologize in reference to that article in the same way they did that because by that act, I believe, they actually de-recognized Government and W.H.O (World Health Organization). Please refer the article -

Dr. Luc Montagnier – Nobel Laureate (Virologist). On the other hand, Dr. Montagnier in spite of his advanced age, searching after truth which shows he is not infected of silent disease of Nobel and also shows never ending path of knowledge and he is still capable to analyze or listen further where there is good reason. Please refer the video – (In this video one can introduce themselves with another great scientist Dr. Jacques Benveniste, Immunologist; it was unfortunate that he died and the people of world, perhaps, don’t know what a gem they lost).

Dr. Jayesh R. Bellare (Prof. IIT Mumbai, Chemical Engineering). He is also a recipient of prestigious awards in his field but did his best in research of technicality of potentized medicine in Homoeopathy and perhaps still doing.

Can we try to assimilate that, awards or achievements are the part of auxiliary illusions which may or may not be obtained during our illusionary life journey from birth to death, but keep on working for best (if it is without creation of problems or endangering life, then good) is productive nature of human being. At the end, the moral of the story is that how safely and happily one completes his or her life cycle with minimum or maximum number of auxiliary illusions (by the word minimum auxiliary illusion, I mean here about requirements of the basics, i.e., good food, cloth, education which may be academic or any positive quality to lead life, Habitat, doctor who is a friend to complete the journey safely etc., and about maximum perhaps all of you know that we are evolving newer things day by day to boost our illusionary life journey including good and bad). It seems to be philosophical but very much practical indeed. This analysis excludes ascetic life.

An appeal to the scientific community and best students of science (who are supposed to be the best brain) don't waste your time to blame Dr. Hahnemann and Homoeopathy because that will only mask your inefficiency. If you people work by extracting yourself from the circumference of awards, then perhaps it will be more beneficial for the people in coming time because Dr. Hahnemann had broken your paused theory of science 200 years back and it is unfortunate that our books are still not updated and if we want to continue our study like this, then loss is ours.

Why am I saying about extraction from awards? Because it is found that, Dr. Hahnemann, who discovered the potentization theory has an influence of the mechanical heat theory discovered by Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford), 1753-1814, who, was also not in the club of ultimate awards. It was all about the game of unprejudiced keen observation as well as applying the thought and the interesting thing was that Benjamin Thompson also discovered the new theory, surpassing the old one, by keen observation during his field-work.

Another important name I got while reading a book of Dr. Ramanlal P. Patel Sir, i.e., Dr. Vladimir Filatov (not in the club of ultimate awards) a doctor cum scientist. I would like to add the paragraph mentioned in the book – Dr. Vladimir Filatov, Russian scientist, writes in his famous book ‘My Path in Science’, “The human (or animal) organism is capable of recovering from almost any disease (even a plague), if it is not localized in the lungs. What is more, the recovery may take place without medical aid. Therefore, body is capable of those functions, those dynamic reactions which can re-establish the equilibrium disturbed by pathological conditions. Treatment with biogenic stimulators raises the general tonus of the organism, improve it physiologically, increases the healthy reaction of the body, which in principle, could have occurred without our help. Biogenic stimulators (Homoeopathic medicines act in the same way) do not act on the pathogenic factor (for example, on microbes and their toxins) but on the organism itself. It is this that has so far made it impossible to show that they are directed against the disease.”

Don’t you think that the best brain or researchers should focus their brilliancy in this important topic, rather wasting it in unnecessary arguments, to fulfill their scientific quest and to improve the treatment procedures as well?

A mind with craving for awards or accreditation can't produce natural, real and unprejudiced scientist rather can produce prejudiced endorsed scientist against some token with a paused mind. It depends on the choice of the individual, but the former is universally beneficial and perhaps harmless. Is this true?

At the end I want to say that I am not a scientist or researcher and not in any way in the vicinity of awards, but yes I am a common doctor with a very ultra modern set of medicines, i.e., Homoeopathic potencies to treat myself and others and whenever mind say to analyze about something I use to try.