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Vaccination and long term immunological disease is a very broad and a subject of great concern among the scientists, doctors and also closely involved non medical persons around the world. But in periphery areas perhaps, the subject is not known to all. Many reports were being published in many websites and books written by individuals.

But before going to enter into this subject it is necessary to know some known-unknown facts about vaccine and its origin.

Definition of Vaccine by W.H.O –

“A vaccine is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism, and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins. The agent stimulates the body's immune system to recognize the agent as foreign, destroy it, and "remember" it, so that the immune system can more easily recognize and destroy any of these microorganisms that it later encounters.”

A brief description about history of vaccine concept –

(Extracted from an article of

The doctrines of homoeopathy were attempted to be formulated for the first time by Hahnemann in his article “The Medicine of Experience” published in 1805 till the complete systematization of the principles and practice of the homoeopathic art of healing was effected with the publication of Organon of medicine in 1810.

Hahnemann (1755-1843) was among the first to recognize the role of bacteria for disease development. Jenner (1749-1823) was the first to use vaccines (based on Hahnemann’s ‘Law of similar’) in the year 1796.

`Hydrophobinum’ prepared from rabid dog’s saliva, was used by homoeopaths long before Pasteur introduced vaccine prepared from a rabid dog’s saliva. A homoeopathic medicine called `Tuberculinum’ was in use before Robert Koch (1843-1910) discovered TB organisms. Of course, Tuberculinum was prepared from TB germs. Von Behring (1854-1917), who was called the father of vaccine therapy, was born 12 years after Hahnemann’s death. In fact, Von Behring had acknowledged his debts to Homoeopathy.

Before the concept of bacteria as a cause of disease was brought forth, bacteria were recognized and also used as medicinal agents by Dr. Hahnemann and his followers. The concept of vaccination has its roots in the principles of Homoeopathy. Dr. Hahnemann must be recognized as one of the foremost Bacteriologists and it would be without any exaggeration to call him the real father of vaccination.

A brief mythological correlation of immunity –

We have to mention the war between goddess Kali and asura Raktabeej. It is mentioned that Raktabeej was such dangerous asura that no one was able to kill or injured him a bit in the battle because each drop of blood of Raktabeej was able to produce another Raktabeej. Now, one can realize in this century that how poisonous Raktabeej was. Devi Durga and other Devta group fought well, but due to the mutating or instant cloning property of Raktabeej they got scared and failed. Then, all of them praised Devi Kali to demolish the same and it was mentioned that Devi Kali killed Raktabeej and at same time drank the blood of Raktabeej which prohibited the production of new Raktabeej and in this way Raktabeej was annihilated.

From the above description it is clear that Devi Kali is the supreme form of natural immunity and no poisonous substance can survive within her. If we interpret this in regard to energy format, then we will get another experience. Before Kali energy, other energies tried their best, but failed to conquer the highly poisonous energy, but Kali energy did. It means one similar, but stronger positive energy can annihilate any negative poisonous energy of nature. This is called a real theory of LIKE CURES LIKE. Devi Kali is the highest level of health or immunity which no substance can alter excluding natural death.

But, salute to Dr Hahnemann for showing us the path to treat diseases via levels of health or immunity with energies of toxic substances and to prevent when required.

In the reports presented below many doctors and scientists are giving many reasons that vaccines are related to many chronic immunological diseases. Apart from disease causing pathogens, vaccines also contain many other ingredients inimical to health.

But supporters of vaccines use to tell that these ingredients are used in trace amounts so there can't be any negative health effects. Moreover, whenever there is any anti-vaccine talk arise the supporters always deny the anti-vaccine talk by saying that many diseases were being eradicated due to vaccines.

To read the reports one may need time to complete, but it is necessary to do so to get into the matter.

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After going through the above reports, one can realize that how deep the subject is. Chronic ill effect of vaccine may manifest in different ways though name of many diseases are mentioned in the reports. So after reading the reports personal correlation regarding any disease name may misguide one. The increase in the number of vaccines clearly indicates that we are losing all faith on natural immunity.

The people are arguing about the subject by giving many scientific data, but here I want to add one scientific statement given by an Indian Sage named KAPILA, author of SAMKHYA SHASTRA, which summarizes the subject in a generalized way.

‘'Every matter in this universe has inert energies. A matter can't be destructed to non existence; ultimately the remaining is its inherent energy”.

“In Gita Lord Krishna says that among the perfected beings he was sage kapila”.

A human being is manufactured inside mother's womb by destruction of two substances i.e. –egg cell and sperm cell to form a new substance, which is programmed and prepared within nine months to face the external world. In this process each substance carries the memory of original substance. Now just think if each substance carries the polluted memory of original substance, then after their destruction the new substance will definitely show the reflection. This is an example of genetic distortion and transfer.

Dr Hahnemann first converted the inert energy of various substances scattered around the nature into medicines of high therapeutic value in energy format and proved medicines on healthy human being and recorded the symptomatology accordingly. He was being discarded by the then medical authority. Now a day, doctors and scientists are arguing and doing research about ill effects of vaccines, but here is notable point that, do W.H.O unknowingly doing the same what Dr Hahnemann did, by injecting cocktails of different substances as vaccines ? The two principal toxic metals used in vaccines i.e. – MERCURY&ALUMINUM about which, doctors and scientist are talking and analysing the negative health effects, should know that these metals were being proved on healthy human being years back by Dr Hahnemann with well recorded mental and physical symptoms. This is really pathetic. Many of them know, but unknown to mass.

If our child is suffering from an illness during paediatric period we should not forget that we have injected different substances in the past, which is applicable to any age of the growing child during lifetime.

In many report, it is being discussed that vaccines are becoming like a religion for us, everybody is practising with left and right, which seems to be true. Nobody is thinking that the statistics of eradication of diseases may be different also or might be being suppressed or manipulated earlier. The video talking, of renowned doctors and the articles are enlightening on this part with their deep research.

Personally I want to say without involving in their arguments that concept of vaccine and prevention of disease were erupted from Homoeopathy and Dr Hahnemann one can correlate from above, which is true, but the vaccines we are using can't be the right form. People are claiming that there is huge involvement of money in this industry and everybody is busy with profit, so I want to request the big pharmas that, OK don't stop business, don't lose profit and try to make preventive medicines or vaccines with safety and homoeopathically according to homoeopathic pharmacopoeia by discussing with the world renowned Homoeopathic Doctors and Scientists.


One thing we have to clear that, the diseases, which we named as killer diseases, were the prime reason of mass death, no can't be. In old days medical science was underdeveloped, there was inefficiency in treatment and there were lacking of hygienic procedures. People died due to mismanagement. But Dr Hahnemann and his followers saved many people from dreaded diseases with Homoeopathic medicines as well as prevented, before the advent of vaccines, which we have to admit and we have to admit also that if he was not being discarded which was the result of only the arrogance and ignorance of the then medical authority due to which by using the original concept of Homoeopathy other scientist discovered the new vaccines by mixing different toxic substances and in this era unfortunately the vaccines are becoming a great subject of concern.

Moreover, Dr Hahnemann mentioned in the book “Organon of Medicine” to administer Homoeopathic medicine in case of pregnant women to cut down the individual susceptibility towards diseases as much as possible by improving the mother's immunity and transfer of the same to the foetus, which is not a single disease target oriented immunity or target oriented induced immunity likewise present day vaccine.

I want to remind some statements to all of you –

By Dr. James Compton Burnett (1840-1901), the first Doctor (Homoeopathy) who warned against bad effect of vaccine –

“He argued that vaccination, as practiced by Pasteur and Jenner using material doses will eventually end in disaster”.

About him -

He further told that -

“Kochism is dead, as dead as a door-nail. And, all because they will not, cannot accept Hahnemann's dosage. But Koch's tuberculins will become and remain great Homoeopathic remedies. Oh, the irony of the thing! Pretty well all the best work of the orthodox school ends in – what? In securing the ultimate triumph of Homoeopathy”.

Here we can say that, it is quite disappointing and interesting that general medical science declared, Vaccines are the miracle in the history of medicine, unknowing and ignoring that it is nothing but Homoeopathy. Homoeopathy, but unfortunately in a distorted form.

By Sir William Osler -

Sir William Osler (1849 – 1919), known as the father of modern medicine, expressed great support for homeopathy and its founder by stating “No individual has done more good to the medical profession than Samuel Hahnemann(1755-1843)”.

At the end I want to say that -

Truth can be delayed or suppressed to assimilate or interpret positively, but can't be denied. If this happens, then it is only due to arrogance and ignorance.


Note: One can ignore our certain personal analysis